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monument: a structure designed and built as a lasting tribute to a person, a family or a group of people.
From the smallest inscription or grave marker to the largest towering memorial, Beij, Williams and Zito, Inc. and John Zito Monuments, Inc. have established themselves as the oldest continually operating memorial studios in Connecticut. From design to installation, we handle your job with utmost quality with four generations of experience and know-how. Let us design the perfect dignified and fitting memorial for your loved one - a lasting and enduring tribute to their memory.

The history of memorials in America is unique. Older cemeteries exhibit many different styles with ornamentation derived from many different sources. Starting with the Colonial Period, American memorial styles have evolved greatly over the past 350 years. Production and design qualities peaked at the 1920s followed by a slow general decline reflecting the integration of machined technologies into what was once a handmade art form. Today, more than ever, the conscious consumer is wise to keep an eye on quality, not just cost when selecting a design or hiring a sculptor for memorial work.

American memorial design has derived from the following few historical sources: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Celt and composites of combinations of these. The wide array of materials utilized in these periods have narrowed today to granite and bronze, with some minor exceptions in few outlying cemeteries where slate and marble may still prove to be appropriate. Most cemetery regulations are now set in place to deal with the acceptance of responsibility and future care of monuments installed in their cemeteries, thus allowing only those materials that will not be suseptible to the extreme temperatures of the New England climate. Over the centuries granite and bronze, having proven their resilience in the industry, are now usually the only accepted materials in such cemeteries. Brownstone and other sandstones, in particular the brownstone from the Portland Connecticut Quarry that was used extensively in New York and New England building architecture, have been the object of countless restorations in ancient burying grounds of the region as well.

Beij, Williams and Zito, Inc. is proud to efficiently and masterfully call upon the elements of the classics of design origins and blend them with today's lasting materials, machine techniques and cemetery regulations to present our clientele with the highest quality memorial work available. Call today to speak with our staff about the specifics of your cemetery lot and the accompanying rules and regulations. Let us help to guide you through this often difficult time with our depth of experience and new ideas.

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